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page range

I'm not sure when this happened (perhaps since updating to 3.7?) but for several songs to which I've added link points, I can't see them anymore. I know they are still in the songs, because if I click approx. where I remember putting them, they will take me to the indicated page. But I no longer see the colored spot for either the source or destination point, either when I view the page, or when I click the spot. They still show in the Links list.

As a test, I deleted all of the links for a song and then re-created them, and these new links do show as before, in their various colors.

Can you think of a reason why the links would have gone invisible?

(And while we are talking about link points: it would be great if there was some way to fine tune the position of the source & destination points after a link has been created. It's hard to get them in the right spot sometimes with a finger tap.)

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