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the ideal tablet for MobileSheetsPro
(05-18-2021, 11:29 PM)weezul Wrote: Hello fellow Mobilesheets users!
Ive been a happy mobilesheets user for years and years, all my gigs are deps on bass guitar, and I'd be dead without it. First on a Chinese 10inch, then a crappy 2nd hand 10inch samsung galaxy tab which recently became so slow it was unusable, and also the battery was basically at 0 capacity. Recently even having a power bank plugged in, it would still drain too fast to last a gig. So it was time. Time to finally be playing gigs again (Yay) and move to a 13.3 inch tab... and oh my god.. 

Hannspree Zeus 3 - 13.3 inch Android Tablet

I paid about £250 for the tablet. It's giant. It just JUST fits in my current clip (which is also years and years old), without the case.

Negatives first:

It's super heavy, and even more unwieldily when being used with the free case it comes with.

It only charges through DC power jack 3A 5V, but it looks like you can get a USB-A to barrel on ebay that should fit. If I grab it i'll come back and confirm 
it charges from a power bank at 2A.

It's okay for A4 pages but you waste a lot of length, and this thing carries some hefty bezels as well.

In terms of mobilesheets though, it's glorious. Everything seems to work fine, importing from google drive, restoring my library through the companion, my Cicada PageTurn over Bluetooth. The size increase is excellent, especially when I format my charts for the aspect ratio perfectly (think it's straight up 16:9). 
The battery life is insane, or maybe I'm just so used to never leaving home without a fully charged 20,000mah battery pack for my old tablet haha! It's been on for about 5 days, one full day of using behringer X-air app for a recording session doing headphone mixes, and 3 days of preparing charts and practicing for an upcoming gig. 11hrs screen on time. Think it's 10,000mah battery.
The tablet itself seems fine and snappy, but honestly I don't use this tablet for anything recreationally like content consumption or gaming etc. It usually will live in my gig bag and I only get it out to make a setlist.

Anyway, hope this may help people think about the pros and cons of going big or going home Smile


Ahh, a new updated 13.3 Hannspree.  For many years I used an earlier version and it served me very well.  Now they have upgraded the memory, OS, etc.  So, I would not be surprised it it ends up being a good budget (regular MS use does not require a lot of computing power) "go to" source for those looking for a larger tablet.

It looks like it is not available in the US yet.  So, I am presuming it becomes available at a budget price.

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