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ChordPro Transposing Issues
Hi, I've got this chordpro file with the following line:

[Bb2/C]I     ex[F]alt Thee  I ex[C/F]alt Thee
When I try to transpose it, for example into D+, the Bb2/C is transposed to G2/C, instead of G2/A.

I also see it with this line:
Thou art ex[Gm7]alted far a[C]bove [Bb/C]all [F]gods  [G7sus] [F2/A]
The F2/A at the end is transposed to a D2/A

I don't see this same behaviour with 7th chords (as in G7/B etc.) so I'm assuming there's some special handling for the "7" that also needs to be used for the "2"

Another issue is on this line:
A[C/Bb]bove all the [F/A]earth [A/C#] [Dm]
This one is weird, because it's transposed as:

A[A/G]bove all the [D/Gb]earth [Gb/A#] [Bm]
I realize that the transposing issue is causing the F#s to become Gbs, but it causes confusion with the Gb/A# combo (it took me a couple minutes for my brain to catch up to what was going on here). It would be much easier to read if it was either Gb/Bb or F#/A# -- the mix is crazy.

I was pretty excited to get converting my files to use this feature, but for now, I'm going back to my multiple PDF scans per song.

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