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Setlist ideas
Once I choose a setlist to work with, collapse that area to allow more room for the list itself. I often have a lot of songs in my lists and it would be nice to have the extra room.

Allow Drag & Drop when adding songs to a setlist so I can place them where I want them instead of just adding them to the end of the list.

If Drag & Drop isn't possible (or maybe even if it is), how about using an icon to Add songs like you do to delete them? I often add songs accidentally when scrolling through the list.

Allow rearranging of songs in the main setlist display.

When long-pressing on a song while in a setlist, it asks which setlist to remove the song from. I only want to remove it from the current setlist and don't want to accidentally remove it from some other (possibly unrelated) list. Can it either not bother asking that question, or if someone else likes that functionality, perhaps it could show which setlist is currently in use and default to it? Or maybe use checkboxes on the entries and just select the current one by default.


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