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Starting again from a previous backup?
(04-12-2013, 06:29 PM)fausto Wrote: Further to my previous post, I read in the manual page 59 that the Hammer/Wrench button should take me to the "settings screen" . If I tap on the Hammer/Wrench button (from the Song Editor, which is the only place I have seen this icon. Are there other places?) all I get is the "Set Copy Options", nothing more.

Meanwhile, back to looking for the "option button" (right facing wrench/spanner) and the "main library screen"..............

(04-12-2013, 06:12 PM)cdawe55 Wrote: The buttons at the bottom (Recent, Songs, Artists, Albums, Genres, Setlists, Filters) can be dragged to the left (by swiping them to the left) which should reveal the 'Options' button.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would never have got there without this pointer.


It sounds like you might have a tablet with a smaller or lower resolution screen, and all 8 buttons (Recent, Songs, Artists, Albums, Genres, Setlists, Filters and Options) aren't appearing. cdawe55 pointed out that you can slide the button row over if it's only showing the first 7 buttons, so that you can see the right-most button (however, I can't confirm this behavior because my screen is large enough). Another option I can suggest is to turn the tablet sideways (assuming you don't have your orientation locked) and all of the buttons should appear.

The hammer/wrench icon mentioned on page 59 of the manual (hmm, it's actually on page 58 of my manual; perhaps you have an older one?) is the one from the Overlay screen (the screen you reach when you tap on a song while viewing it).

By the way, I just noticed that in the entire manual, there isn't a single screenshot of the "main library" screen (the one you see when you first fire up the app), with the buttons at the bottom. If you go to the Google Play Store ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...bilesheets ) they have a screen shot, so you can see the Options button (however, you'll notice that the Filters button is missing, and the Sync button at the top looks different. This is a screenshot of an older version of the app.)

I hope this helps.

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