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Delete all songs in a Collection - not just their references to the Collection
(10-01-2016, 04:39 AM)Zuberman Wrote: Dave,

I just read through your tutorial and was able to reproduce the bug you listed. It only occurs when the add all button is used, so I have a fix in place for it now.  As for your suggestion, I definitely appreciate the feedback and I think that consistency is really important between different screens of the application. The toolbar does take up a fair amount of space on the screen on smaller devices, which is why it's actually hidden by default on phones, so that's always something I have to consider with the UI layouts.  If I get additional feedback from users that they find that button placement unintuitive, I'll consider making changes like you've described. I still think it's a little more convenient to have a single press button versus having to long press, tap select all, and then tap Add though.

You are certainly right about my documentation. For quite awhile now, I've been wanting to write a "How To" guide that focuses more on accomplishing common tasks within the application versus just spelling out what everything does on each screen. The problem is that I'm just a single developer working nights and weekends, so if I start focusing the bulk of my time on documentation like that, no progress is made on development, and the demand for continued development is currently much higher than the demand for better documentation.  I'll get around to it at some point when there aren't quite as many highly anticipated features and such on my plate.

Again thanks for your prompt reply.

I fully understand that you cannot and should not attempt to satisfy ever whim brought to you by users like me.

But here is something you might consider about documentation. 

In my other life (other than being a musician) I am a professor and scientist at the Spinal Cord Research Centre in Winnipeg, Canada.  We have a single programmer who has developed a very deep suite of programs to analyze data of recordings from the nervous system. This is over more than a 20 year period.  Like you, he must prioritize development over documentation.

Our documentation solution was to (text in brackets for your situation):
  1) identify a set of data that could be posted to the web and available to all (types of charts, mp3, PDF books, ChordPro etc). 
  2) get the USERS (not the programmer) to write tutorials on particular analyses using this data set (ways to get Songs in and out of MSPro, ways to organize sets, bands, etc)
  3) Have the programmer or senior scientists check the accuracy of the tutorials and post them to the web.

You can see the documentation page here : http://scrc.umanitoba.ca/doc/
Click on "22 Tutorials" to see what our small community of students and investigators wrote. 
Tutorial #0 is the guide to writing our tutorials.

Caveat: Some of our tutorials are now very old and reference outdated software. They should be updated but they do work.

You probably have a handful of users willing to participate in making a series of tutorials. I just gave you 2 that could form the basis of a How To guide. Might be food for thought.


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