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Add Song to Setlist, warning if double
I must be missing something.
I can edit a song, and add it to a setlist, album or collection with equal facility/difficulty.
Having the collection or album tab(s) not displayed does not preclude using them.

I use 'setlists' in the classic sense of a group of songs played together in a performance. I don't currently have any duplications, but if I wanted any it would be a deliberate act...a warning would be an annoyance. ( I hate having to confirm shutting down my tablet, clearly I hit the shut-down button!)

For me, Collections are for the music for each of the instruments I play (ukulele, rajao, guitar, etc.).

For me, Albums are for groups of songs based on my personal criteria (songs I'm familiar with, songs I really like, and SONGS THAT NEED ATTENTION.)

If a song ends up in someone's 'needs work' setlist fifteen times, that's nature's way of saying 'get on with it!'
I could be wrong, it happened once before.

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Add Song to Setlist, warning if double - by Ben - 10-05-2016, 10:17 PM
RE: Add Song to Setlist, warning if double - by Steve B. - 10-10-2016, 08:47 AM

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