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Import Questions
Well, when I first encountered the "black screen" problem, the working theory was that it was a resource problem in PDF rendering, and that switching to images would eliminate it. I have seen the problem 15 or 20 times, ALWAYS with PDFs. I just finished doing two months of rehearsals and two weeks of performances of the musical "Shrek" with a 325-page score which I imported as PNGs, and the problem never occurred. That's good evidence, but it is sporadic enough that I can't be 100% sure.

I use a small fraction of the features of the app, so I haven't thought about the global implications of my request. In this SPECIFIC case, I was talking about single file import, rather than batch import. In that case, in the drop down that offers "Guess title from filename" and "Use filename as title", I'd like to have a third option to "Use this as the title" with a text box. I haven't thought about batch import. In my example above, I can imagine something like "use directory name as title", but what happens if the import directory contains both individual files and folders? That gets ugly. Feature creep.

While I was exploring, I also thought maybe I create an empty song with all the metadata, and then fill in the files later. I could not find an option to do that. Is "import" the only way to create new songs?


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