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Backup / Restore annotations on Android / Win 10
I've got a fix in place for this issue. When I optimized how annotation points are stored in the database, I didn't take into account the different endianness used on Android versus Windows 10. It basically means that Windows 10 is writing and reading the points in the database in a way where the representation of each number is backwards for how Android reads/writes those numbers. The update I plan on releasing soon will update the Android side so that it reads/writes the annotation points in the same fashion as Windows 10 to keep them compatible. What this means is that you guys will have to restore your Windows 10 backup file in Android again after the update, and then after that, everything should work properly.

I can't seem to reproduce the link point problem you are describing though. If I long press a link point in the link point window, it lets me edit the size and the link points on the score also change size to reflect this. If I change the default link point size, that also seems to work correctly for new link points. Is there something I'm not doing?


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