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Backup file from Android, restore to Windows
(This probably has been discussed elsewhere, but I've done a few (poorly constructed albeit) searches and couldn't find it.)
I have a Samsung T900 tablet.  I've been happily using Mobilesheets Pro (and Mobilesheets) since 2014.  Initially, I had some minor "glitches", one of which persists, and, being nervous about a single point of failure, I habitually brought hard copies of my arrangements to gigs as a backup should Things Go Terribly Wrong.  This is kind of a pain in the ass, as one has to keep assembling different set lists, printing out lost or never printed pdfs, etc.  

I figured after four years that I ought to be able to buy a second Samsung used for half the price or less, but, surprisingly, that is not the case. Used or refurbished ones cost anywhere from $399 to quite a bit more than I paid for the new one in 2014. 

Now that there is a Windows 10 version, I thought I could use my Lenovo Yoga 900 as a backup (WIN 10).  I don't have wavs or midis - just PDF's with the jump dot notations (poke and relocate)  Can I backup to the PC Companion from the Android and then just restore to the PC mobilesheets?  I will likely still use the Samsung as the main deal (until it expires, anyway) - the Yoga is just in case.

PS.  Mr. Z. - I understand you acquired a Samsung T900 for troubleshooting purposes at one point.  If you still have it and want to sell it, let me know.
PPS.  Mobilesheets/Pro is the singlemost satisfying software purchase I think I've ever made.

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