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Question About Backing Using Mobilesheet Companion
(09-02-2013, 04:08 PM)Zuberman Wrote: Jeff,

First, the view/extract functionality is only there in case you want to extract files out of the backup on your PC. This is only necessary if you need a PDF and the backup is the only place you can get it from. It does not affect the tablet in any way (in fact, you can view/extract backups without being connected to the tablet).

If you want to restore files from a library backup, you cannot do this in the MobileSheets Companion. It can only be done on the tablet by going to Options->Utilities->Restore Library. I may add the ability to restore a library backup from the companion in the future, I just haven't had time to write the code yet.

Annotations in MobileSheets are not saved inside the PDF itself. They are saved only in the database, and rendered by MobileSheets. In the future, I plan to add the ability to export annotations into the PDF, thereby making them permanent, but this not currently supported.

I hope that helps.


Okay, that explains it. Thanks, Mike.

Now, if instead of backing up I just did a batch import, then I would see the pdfs with annotations? In a pinch, would I be able to use that to restore mobilesheets in my tablet if I had a problem? Could I effectively use that as a back up?

All lthose potential changes in the future sound good to me.

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