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Questions about relative paths, database version, MSProTools db_reloc
1. As I understand it, the relocation is no longer necessary (even unwanted) since path names are stored relative to the library provided the files are, indeed, located in the MSPro library folder.

2. The mobilesheets database has a version number that reflects the internal structure of the database. Every time the structure is changed (tables are added, columns change, and so on) this number is incremented. The MSProTools were developed when the database version was 40, and the current database is version 47. The warning is given to indicate that there may be problems, for example when the tools would refer to a table that no longer exists. Fortunately, except for the annotations, most tables and data that the MSProTools use are still where they used to be so the tools still mostly work.

3. To inspect the database version, use

     sqlite3 mobilesheets.db "PRAGMA user_version"

Whether to display this number in 'Settings - About' is up to Mike.

If you encounter strange things with the MSProTools, please let me know or file an issue at GitHub.
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