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Choose the Song name of an imported song
Sorry, I had memorized the sequence of steps wrongly how they are today. I should have tried what's going on before writing.
Now my opinion is much closer to McConnor's, please allow a new try:

- the user selects Import - Local File
- MSP shows a file selection dialog
- the user selects one or more files
- MSP shows the dialog "Import Settings" which is pretty similar to the first page of the song editor

very useful:
If the import was started from a group (Albums, Setlists, Collections) the according field is set to the current group

- the user is able to edit the new songs meta data, select from lists or edit fields
- the user chooses between "Guess Title From Filename" and "Use Filename As Title"
- MSP sets the song title(s) according to the "Guess Title..." or "Use Filename..." choice
- "Guess Title..." does an excellent job with inserting blanks, replacing special characters and so on

The problems with the song name we are discussing:
- the user cannot see and/or edit the song title(s)
- the only relevant action is pressing "OK" (Cancel is not relevant here)
- the "Import Settings" dialog is closed

In case editing of the song title is required, the song editor has to be opened again.
It might be difficult to find the new songs because
- the newly imported song(s) are sorted between the existing songs of the list where we started
- if that current list contains already many songs, the new song(s) are hidden between the existing songs
- it's even harder to find the newly imported songs in case "Guess Title From Filename" has modified a song title
Good news: I just noticed that the newly imported songs can be found easily on top of the "Recent" list!

What could be improved?
When the user has chosen the files to be imported and the "Import Settings" dialog is shown, MSP knows the filename(s) and can decide if the import result will be one song or several songs.
In case several songs will be imported, the current implementation is fine.
In case only one song will be imported a different "Import Settings" dialog could be displayed:
- provide an edit field for the song title
- populate that song title field according to the last used "Guess Title..." or "Use Filename..." setting
- allow changing the "Guess Title..." or "Use Filename..." setting, if it is changed re-populate the song title
- allow editing the song title
- as soon as OK is clicked save everything in the DB and close the dialog

What do you think?
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