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Batch delete?
I  have just returned to music after a long hiatus, and I find that in addition to having to remember how to play (memo to self:  guitar and mandolin are played with the string side out, away from body), I have to learn a new version of Mobile Sheets Pro on a new tablet. And there's the problem.

First, the manual leaves me confused, partly because when some function are first mentioned, there's not an illustration, or there appears to be a step missing somewhere. I've written documentation and I know how hard it is to return to the mindset of a novice user of software, so don't take this as a curmudgeonly complaint, just an observation. (It doesn't help that I just had my 7xth birthday and I'm feeling every one of those years.)

Second, I batch imported several hundred tunes into MSP -- twice, because after the first time, when I let the program put the tunes into internal storage, I decided that the database should be on the SD card. Unfortunately, I didn't tell the program to avoid duplicate tunes. So now I have two copies of each one.

I want to batch-delete one copy of each pair from the database. If there's a way, I can't find it.

Also, is there a way to undelete an accidentally-deleted tune, or must it be reimported?


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