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Advice on controlling a cue/click track from Mobile Sheets
My goal is that I want to use Mobile Sheets for my music and have it control a click/cue track. I know that MS can do a metronome, but all that gives you is the beat and is rather simplistic (sometimes you want a Swing click). I want to have vocal cues as well to feed in-ear monitor mix. For an example of what I am talking about see this blog post: https://loopcommunity.com/blog/2018/02/c...cue-track/.

In an ideal world such a setup would:
  • Be self contained all on the tablet and not involve other equipment, just sending the audio out the headphone jack of the tablet.
  • Timing is controlled by Mobile Sheets so that auto-turn pages based on metronome and so that you can change the tempo if necessary. I have a bluetooth pedal so auto-turn is not a must, but very nice to have.
So one way to skin the cat is that I created the click track and cues in garage band and create an audio file with it and then attach that audio file in MobileSheets. That works, but:
  • Tempo is not controlled by Mobile Sheets so auto-turn pages doesn't work and the tempo is fixed so you can't tweak the tempo at the last minute.
  • Audio file is not an efficient storage mechanism.
So another thought is to create a MIDI file and have MobileSheets control the tempo with its metronome. Problems I have with that:
  • Doesn't seem to be any way to do that self contained. Android Midi theoretically supports virtual Midi ports to allow app to app Midi, but MS only supports MIDI over USB and Bluetooth. So one possibility is to have the tablet control a DAW app on my Mac.
  • USB is a non-starter for me as plugging in an OTG dongle is just going to end up physically stressing the usb port and I have nothing really to plug that into
  • Bluetooth is a possibility but I have been totally unable to figure out how to even get that to work to do anything.
So I am running out of options and looking for alternative solutions or ideas.

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Advice on controlling a cue/click track from Mobile Sheets - by dalewking - 08-18-2019, 07:05 AM

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