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Metronome won't toggle off with footswitch.
Windows 10 Home, Version 1903 OS build 18362.295
Mobilesheets 2.6.9 ( I think this update came a few days ago)

I've been using a couple BOSS FS-6 footswitches hooked to an XKeys three key external keyboard device that interfaces to my Windows 10 PC via USB.  I use two of the pedals to change pages (works great).  I set the page turning to the "left" and "right" keys and the third pedal is used to toggle the metronome on and off (pedal set to the "down" key).  This has all worked well for several months.  But yesterday (7/20/2019) the pedal for the metronome has a couple problems.  1)  It turns the metronome on but the blue beat lights do not show on the screen.  and 2) Upon the second press it no loinger turns the metronome back off like it used to before yesterday.

I have tested the pedals by creating a text document and moving the cursor around and all the pedals do the appropriate action.

Has something changed in Mobile Sheets to cause the metronome toggle to stop working?  Manually turning the metronome on and off works fine.


btw, I really like Mobilesheets and recommend it to everyone.  I play about 4 gigs per week and really couldn't do it without this software.

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Metronome won't toggle off with footswitch. - by keithpday - 08-22-2019, 10:17 AM

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