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Absolute Total Beginner Trying to Get Started
#7 is done on the tablet (the description includes the word "tap" - many pcs don't have a touch screen)

I always prepare my files on the pc as it allows me to use tools/editors that I am used to. Having prepared the files, I then import them (and/or other files on the web) into MSP.

You can't change keys in a PDF file; If you want to be able to changes keys, you will need to use chordpro files (these are basically text files that conform to the chordpro format and are given an appropriate file extension).

MSP has a good manual and I advise you read it from start to finish. For a new user, it might not all make sense immediately (it didn't to me) but that doesn't matter as you don't need to remember it all (knowing what it contains, you can look it up when you actually need it).

It would also probably be a good idea for you to get a small notebook. This can be used to make notes about how to do different operations (after a bit, you won't need it but it will always be there should you forget what to do or need to do something that you do infrequently). Strictly speaking, you could just rely on what is on this site but the act of writing it down helps you to remember what you are trying to achieve. You can always ask questions on the forum when needed but obviously, if Mike needs to respond, this eats into the time that he could have spent developing this great software. 

I hope this helps
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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