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Suggestion for improved "sync" terminology
This is a suggestion that involves just using slightly different wording for the sync dialogs to avoid confusion.  

I have only used your new "cloud Sync" a few times, but the first time I used it, I was trying to update my cloud sync location with quite a few changes that I had made in my Android tablet MobileSheets.  I followed the "Sync Library", then "Synchronize to a cloud folder" and selected the desired options and then tapped "Start" (I had previously created the cloud folder). I was impressed how fast it ran for the 1200 charts in my library.  Then I went to my Windows Surface tablet and tried to sync the changes down to that device, and I found that none of the changes I had made had been synced - and when I went back to the Android Tablet, all of my changes were now missing there as well!  I was very surprised.

In following up what I had done wrong, I found that the default option on the Android in the "Folder Sync Activity" screen was Sync Type: "Update Device".  When I changed it to "Update Folder" it worked the way I had been expecting.  I had just assumed that the "Synchronize to a cloud folder" action was just as is says:  Synchronize the changes I had just completed to TO the cloud.  I had not thought of it as an either direction sync.  I now see the reason for the either direction sync, so I don't think it should be changed.

My suggestion is to change the wording on the "Sync Library - Synchronize to a could folder"  be changed to "Sync Library - Synchronize WITH a cloud folder".  Had this wording been used, I would have more likely looked to see what direction the sync operation was being requested, and not lost all the changes I had made.

An easy change to make.

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