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More automatic backups
(04-07-2020, 06:43 AM)BRX Wrote: No, I'm just talking about not overwriting the backup already the next time you close or start the app. So the number of backups to keep. Just let MSP save a configurable amount of the database (like mobilesheets_auto_backup_1.db and so on mobilesheets_auto_backup_2.db) before overwriting the oldest again if the configured amount of backups . Nothing more. Probably just a job of renaming the older backup before saving. Personally I don't need an automatic clean or delete. But since not all users will work with exposed database or with the folders on Windows there should be something from the GUI I guess.

If you don't think it would be of general use (not only for the catastrophic data loss which would have happened to me if I hadn't copied and backupped manually, but also maybe for returning to a previous version for some reason) then don't implement it. But I know it from several editors or office programs where multiple copies of documents are saved so I thought of this here, too.

I backup /sychronize to a dropbox folder - and there have been multiple times when my tablet lay at home and I needed newer files to be on my dropbox but I forgot to synchronize for a longer time. The appealing idea of a synchronisation on a configurable intervall crossed my mind several times.... So I would vote for that. But that seems a bit different to the topic or am I mistaken there...

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