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Synchronised Music-Briefcase idea
A few tasks that I find a little awkward have led to this idea. One task is updating existing song pdf files. After a rehearsal, I often come home with assorted changes to lead sheets that we play (and annotations will help a lot here), but when I edit the source documents and generate new pdfs, I have to delete the songs from mobilesheets and re-add them and edit the metadata again.

What would make the process so much easier, and would also be another way of doing backups, and even a substitute for adding multiple/bulk songs, is to be able to nominate a folder on my computer as my "Music Briefcase". Under this folder would be a structure where I keep all my song files (pdfs). The companion app would be able to generate songs for each pdf in the structure (using default metadata) and from then on, keep itself synchronised. This means if I change a pdf, it would get imported into mobilesheets, replacing the old one, keeping existing metadata, as mobilesheets synchronises. If I add a new song to the briefcase, it would get imported using default metadata. If I manually add a song to mobilesheets directly, it would get exported to the briefcase folder.

The briefcase folder could also contain a file/folder that contained exported metadata (in XML?). This is mostly for backup purposes, but the brave might even edit the XML to do bulk changes to metadata. Seeing a changed file, mobile sheets could import the changes next time it synchronises.

Does this sound useful to anyone else?

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