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Reading msb pages in bright sunlight
Thanks for your replies otnt, Ray and Bazza.

I haven't tried to measure how much extra power the wi-fi takes on the Max3. The Sony DP site says that it triples the consumption and I've read double for some of the other Boox tablets but they use very little power without wi-fi. Apparently bluetooth doesn't consume much but I don't have a BT turner yet to try that out on.

The refresh modes don't seem to be much use for MSP - the e-Ink version is optimised for Normal mode (no scrolling/animations) and the other modes are different ways of trading off image quality if you need faster loading (speed mode), smoother scrolling (A2), or video (X mode) which MSP doesn't. I did give them a quick try and they don't seem to give any useful improvements and the ghosting is a little worse with them. On the Max3 normal mode has been fast enough so far - I have a few pages that are dense images rather than scalable vector fonts and they sometimes take a moment to load but it's very quick. Pages printed to pdf from Sibelius come up instantly.

The Max3 has no front light. I've read that 13 inch screens are too big for front lights to work and they only just manage the 10 inch screens. I've got some reading lights for my music folders which I'm sure will work but they might be overkill - the light from my phone screen is enough for me to read the Max3 so I might see if I can find a small clip-on light. Most of my gigs are in good light.

Having Android 9 on the Max3 is supposed to be better for security (I think there are apps that will encrypt your data) and it has fingerprint and password security but I haven't tried to work with any of that yet.

I looked into the Sony Digital Paper before buying the Max3. Their 13 inch is cheaper but the Max3 just looked like it was better thought out (plus it has Android 9 and good BT integration).

Bazza, those charts look like fun. They do look like a 10 inch screen would be more than enough. Our charts are denser, often 10 or 12 lines of music and quite small type. With some of the parts I've created on Sibelius they're even smaller because I've tried to fit them into one or two pages. I imagine we could get away with 10 inch screens if they were landscape but then we'd need two or three scrolls for each page and repeats/DCs etc would take some sorting out - probably a false economy for us.

The Max3 came with a dedicated remote control which I've had a play with but I realise that I'll need a pedal turner, and probably a stand designed for holding a tablet too. At least quarantine has given me time to look into all this.

Thanks again for your help. Guy

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