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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
Yeah, I'm working on trying to track down the cause of the crashes with the eraser, but it's not going to be an easy one since it is only occurring in the optimized build.

Are you wanting the start/end points of lines to be round versus square? That's not a difficult thing to add, I would just need to add a new setting to the shapes dropdown as well as a new entry on the radial menu for it. I think the bigger issue is that whatever label I use for it, I won't have a translation. I suppose I could just reuse the old "Draw Mode" label, but next to the label, I would show two icons as toggles: a picture of a short line with rounded end points, and a picture of a line with square end points.

What staff options are you looking for exactly? It was a lot of work to even set up the piano staff. I had to design vector graphics for the start of the staff, the middle of the staff, the end of the staff with one line, and the end of the staff with two lines. It took a considerable amount of code as well to handle creating those (as well as the touch interactions to create them). I'm okay with adding support for more things, but it's not going to be incredibly high on the priority list due to the complexity involved. While I do want to support some basic editing capabilities, MobileSheets is not really a composition app, so unless adding more kinds of staves will be beneficial to a lot of users, I need to focus on other things first. As a side note, I'm not sure if you are aware, but there are multiple things you can do with the piano staff:

1) You drag first to position the piano staff, wait for a half second once it's placed
2) You can drag up or down to scale the piano staff up or down as needed.
3) Drag right to specify the length of the piano staff. Once you stop, if you release, it will create it as is. If you wait for a second, it will use an end with a single line. If you wait another second, it will use an end with a double line.

As far as the line, you must remember that everything is being created in relation to the raw coordinates of the PDF page. So if you create a line with 5 pixels of thickness in landscape orientation, it's going to figure out how much the page was scaled up to fit the tablet in landscape orientation, and divide the line thickness by that amount when it's saved. So if the raw document page was blown up by 1.75x, the line thickness relative to the raw PDF page is 5 / 1.75 ~= 2.86. If you now rotate to portait, the page will be scaled up by a different amount. Say that it's scaled up by 2.3x. Well that line is going to appear as 2.86 * 2.3 = 6.58 pixels thick. So on the screen, the line will appear thicker in portrait than in landscape. This is correct though, because the page size was increased more in portrait than it was in landscape. Compared to everything else on the PDF page, that line has maintained its relative size. Making it appear the same size on the screen regardless of how the page is scaled would be incorrect. So I don't believe there is any issue here - the annotations are designed to scale with the page so they always maintain their size relative to the other things on the page. This does mean that when you rotate the tablet, you may need to adjust the tool settings though to get the size you want. This is unavoidable - I thought about ways of potentially automatically adjusting the tool sizes when the orientation changes so that the size on the page appears the same, but this might also be confusing for users, and the tool sizes in the settings increment by whole numbers which I did to make it easier to use. So rotating the tablet may makeit difficult to get pixel-perfect identical sizes with each orientation. It's best for consistency to create annotations all in one orientation if you need that.


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