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CSV file format
Now CSV imports are becoming popular, it is important to know what the exact format requirements are.

CSV is a long time evolved and rather informal file format. There are a lot of conventions that seem work.

In 2005 an attempt was made to formally define the format in RFC 4180.

What are the requirements for MSPro? The current documentation is usable but lacks information on:
  • File encoding. Given that MSPro is an Android/java application I assume the default is UTF-8. Does MSPro take a BOM for UTF-16 and UTF-32 encodings?
  • Separator character. According to the docs MSPro detects the separator from the first line. Anything goes?
  • Field quoting. Does MSPro accept double quotes (" in HTML) to surround fields? A doubled double-quote to embed a single double-quote in a quoted field?
  • What if a multi-valued field contains a '|'?
  • Maybe even full RFC 4180 compliance?

Just a couple of details that may be interesting to add to the documentation.
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