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MobileSheetsPro and MobileSheets version 3.0.9 released
Version 3.0.9 of MobileSheetsPro for Android is now available, and version 3.0.9 for Windows 10 has been submitted to Microsoft and should be available early this week. This update contains a large number of bug fixes, but the most important changes are for the Windows 10 version. Performance while annotating should now significantly improved, especially while zooming in. The changes are as follows:

Common Changes
  • Fixed issue with tapping the music symbol icon to load a song and start audio playback       
  • Fixed issue with synchronizing songs with multiple audio files       
  • Fixed issue with automatic scrolling when scrolling for a fixed duration and then tapping a link point
  • Fixed issue with entering annotation mode while placing a link point or smart button
  • Fixed bug with modifying embedded PDF annotations that could cause other embedded annotations to become invisible
  • Fixed issue with triggering the overlay with a diagonal fling while panning is active
  • Fixed issue with page turns through pedals or MIDI commands not being allowed if zoomed in with the two page or half page display mode
  • Fixed issue with resetting the zoom level when high quality zooming is disabled
  • Fixed issue with the active layer when switching between multiple active layers and entering/exiting the annotation mode
  • Added ability to access metronome in annotation mode
  • Long pressing on the center of the radial menu will now immediately collapsed it
  • Long pressing the undo icon in the annotation mode will now prompt to revert all changes
  • Fixed issue with the last viewed page being incorrectly used when loading an individual song through the setlist tab
  • Fixed issue with copying a song that resulted in annotations being shared between the original and the copy until the app is restarted
  • Fixed issue with chord pro chords that have a trailing slash at the end showing up with two slashes
  • Fixed layer name suggestion so that it does not conflict with existing layer names
  • Improved annotation selection logic when annotations are overlapping. The last annotation in the layer will be selected first.
  • Fixed issue with unused custom annotation stamp files not being removed properly
  • Fixed bug with numerical sorting that caused formatted song fields to be ignored
MobileSheetsPro v3.0.9 (Android)
  • Added option under the SD card icon in the file browser to jump to the application data directory for devices running Android 11.
  • Fixed issue with using the fix broken file paths feature on devices running Android 11
  • Fixed render issue with ellipse annotations under certain conditions
MobileSheetsPro E-Ink v3.0.10 (Android)
  • Panning and zooming with touch input while annotating is now allowed at all times if the panning tool is selected
MobileSheets v3.0.9 (Windows 10)
  • Significantly improved performance when annotating while zoomed in
  • Fixed issue with displaying files that have a width or height greater than 16k pixels.
  • Added several fixes to help performance after successive song edits
  • The image quality will no longer degrade after scrolling
  • Fixed issue that could cause unusual scrolling behavior when nearing the last page of a song or setlist
  • Fixed issue with standard stamp font missing the end repeat symbol. Note that you may need to use the "Reset all lists" option to see the repeat symbol appear.       
  • Fixed issue with changing the current language where the app does not always restart correctly       
  • Fixed issue with the rating field not being set correctly on the batch edit dialog when no rating has been set for all of the songs       
  • Fixed issue with toggling night mode where annotations wouldn't always correctly invert colors       
  • Using the alphabet list on the multi-selection dialog on the library screen will now scroll the first match to the top
Thanks to all who helped identify bugs and provide feedback,

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