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Urgent - Mobilesheets keeps closing
I have great backups. Unfortunately, that doesn't give me access to annotated versions of the music. The fact is, this update was inadequately tested and should not have been released. It makes me wonder if MobileSheets Pro is ready for prime time. A glitch like this would be disastrous for anybody using it in a performance. Backups don't give you playlists, notes, and even the familiarity of using a familiar device.

(09-09-2021, 02:33 AM)Geoff Bacon Wrote: After you get a fix for this, you might consider doing what I do:-

1) TURN OFF auto updating of MSP - this means that you don't suddenly find that it isn't working immediately before a gig.

2) Manually update MSP when you have have plenty of time before the next gig (or if you need a new or updated feature).

3) Prior to updating, use the Companion to make a backup of the database and library - this gives you something to go back to should the need arises.
Note: If you are constantly updating the database then you need to back up more frequently than this e.g anytime that you feel you wouldn't want to try and recreate songs or their updates.

4) Consider not updating immediately after Mike announces a new version - this let's others experience any unwanted side effects first! (learnt from the MicroSoft updates, sadly not so easy nowadays)

Stay safe


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