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Touch action for "Scroll Down or Turn Page if at Bottom"
I can certainly look into supporting what you have requested. If I allow those scroll actions to be selected on the touch action settings screen, I'll also have to show the relevant settings for adjusting the scroll amount and such, so that the scrolling can be adjusted on other screen. I don't think it makes sense to support different settings for triggering the scrolls with a touch action versus pedal action, so the settings will be shared between the two.

BRX - Is it possible? Sure, anything is possible. It won't be that easy to implement, as it will combine all of the complexity of both display modes, but it's certainly something I can work on for a future update. I do plan on supporting additional display modes, such as a three page display mode for users on large monitors (and potentially a four page display mode), so I can work on this at the same time.


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