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New User Questions
Thanks so much for the detailed reply.

1) Exiting full screen, or just swiping up are reasonable workarounds
2) Got it
3) Ok. I've gotten a little better at this, but it's still pretty time consuming. The fasted way seems to be: select the saved txt tool from Favorites with the font/border/color etc. you want, then poke the screen with the pen where you want to add a measure number to get the keyboard cursor, then use the physical keyboard to type the measure number. Continue for all of the measures on the page, then switch to the select tool and fix the positioning of them as needed. Then move on to the next page.
4) This is still a non-issue since my last post using my 2nd pedal. I think the Air Turn Duo was the problem.
5) I'm glad I asked this one. This feature is great. Now I have a follow-up question: Do you have a recommendation for scanning/importing large books of music? I'm going through a lot of my paper music and using Adobe Scan to turn them in to PDFs. For pieces that are a few pages, it's no big deal. ...let's consider something extreme, like a 600-page hymnal. Would it be better to scan the entire thing into one PDF and import one file, or one PDF and create 600 songs (one for each hymn) in a collection all pointing at the same file...just different pages, or scan it as 600 individual PDFs (one for each hymn), or something else?
6) This actual came up recently with "choir + piano with descant instrument" music. Each page had only 2 lines of music, but the first page had some extra text in the footer that pushed the second line up so the descant part of the second line was above the half-way point of the page.
7) This would be helpful. I'm trying to create some in InkScape and then import them....let's just say it's hit or miss.....mostly miss.
8) This is a limitation of the Surface. I did end up adding a black png from MS Paint and inserting it in setlists that need this. It's certainly not as bright as a normal page of music, but there is still some light coming from the screen. Still...I can get to the black page easily by advancing to the next page in the setlist, then turn off the screen manually when able. I'm hoping the cost of those large e-ink tablets comes down enough that they can take over for reading music off of. ...which brings up my second follow-up question: Right now I'm only using MoblieSheets only on one device. If I start using additional devices and configure syncing, will it sync "everything" (including markings, and files, and set lists, and....) in both (or "every" for more than 2) directions...even on different platforms?

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