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Night mode annotation colors
(11-17-2022, 03:03 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: One thing I've considered is not flipping the colors of annotations in night mode, as I'm not sure if it provides much value. So I can either add a setting as you've described, or just not flip the colors of annotations. The one thing I have to be careful about is still flipping black to white and white to black, as those certainly need to be inverted. I'm torn on what the best approach is.


As a software engineer I get that the first option is more complex, but slightly more useful! But Apple has figured out a color scheme for dark mode that is detailed in this article: https://developer.apple.com/design/human...ifications that would make things a lot simpler for you.

I think the second option (not changing the colors) mirrors peoples' expectations. Keep the colors (mostly) the same. I was a bit surprised when I first saw that you changed the colors because that is not the usual experience with dark mode across other platforms.

Apropos of that, I often wished my software could report back to me whether people used certain parts of my systems so that I could determine how much of an impact changing something would have on the general population. But that's pretty much a no-no because people are really suspicious of software reporting back anything to the developer!

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