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MobileSheets v3.0 and MobileSheets Companion v1.2.8 Released
Mobilesheets v3.0 and MobileSheets companion v1.2.8 have been released, and with them comes a huge array of small enhancements and bug fixes. I tried to respond to a lot of customer feedback, and solve the major problems with the library backup/restore. While I still have a lot of great ideas for future enhancements that I received through emails and the forum, I’m going to switch back to finishing annotations, will mostly likely not be adding any new features until they are released. Look below for details on all of the changes:

MobileSheets v3.0
Added ‘X’s to quickly clear search fields on the library, setlist editor, and collection editor screens.
Tapping on ‘X’s and numeric values to show the popup dialog should now only take one tap instead of two.
Add new options for debounce time limit (disabled, 1/4 second, 1/2 second, 1 second, 2 seconds).
Add new option to set link point radius. Make the circles bigger or smaller to fit your needs.
Library Backup/Restore have been reworked to eliminate potentially serious bugs with songs not matching up to the PDF/images shown. Old backup files are still supported.
Backups through the companion app are now streamed from the tablet, meaning no space is required on the tablet to make the backup file.
Large number of audio player enhancements. There are now options to always display what track is currently loaded, repeat songs, rewind to start, and reset sheet music with repeat.
Media player can now be hidden by double-tapping. Tap area in overlay for hide/show has also been expanded.
Media player is automatically hidden when overlay is brought up, and brought back up when overlay is hidden.
PDF renderer updates.
Fixed orientation lock bugs where the lock is not released even after leaving song, and lock does not work in landscape mode.
Added option to skip to All Albums automatically for artists.
Random song selection now requires confirmation before loading. Also works for selecting artists/albums/genres/setlists.
Filtering by source type ‘Other’ no longer crashes the app.
Fixed bug with prev link/next link pedal mode crashing app if song had no link points set.
Improvements to song title guessing – capitals are handled better, and double spaces should not occur.
Support added for renaming and removing artists/albums/genres.
Files under songs are now saved with the original spaces, and sub-directories now match the song titles exactly. Underscores are replaced by spaces.
Option added to print the custom field next to song titles.
A music symbol is now shown on the library screen for songs that have associated audio tracks.
Option added to only display song titles in song lists, instead of putting ‘Album – Artist’ under the titles.
If guess song title is disabled under batch import, file extensions are no longer used in song titles.
The virtual keyboard is now automatically dismissed when a song is loaded.

MobileSheets Companion v1.2.8
Algorithm improved for determining song titles from file names.
Library backup is now streamed, meaning it is faster and no space is required on the tablet.
Song counts can now be seen next to all lists of songs.
PDF renderer updates.

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