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Settings for Smoother Scroll
(02-26-2024, 12:45 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: The main issue is that the renderer (and XAML framework) is struggling with the large amount of pixels due to the very high resolution screen on the Surface Book 3 (and the lack of a powerful GPU). While it's not optimal, if you drop the resolution of the screen, you'll find that MobileSheets will run much more smoothly, as it's not having to render nearly as many pixels. The next update I'm going to release is switching out the graphics framework from Win2D (which uses DirectX) to Skia (which just uses the CPU by default) as users on ARM devices like the Surface Pro X are having all sorts of graphical anomalies with Win2D while annotating. 

After the next update is released, please let me know if the performance is any better or worse for you. On my Surface Pro 8, I can scroll smoothly between pages without any jerkiness as you described.


Thank you for the update to MobileSheets.  The scrolling is much smoother now.  As I continue to use the vertical scrolling mode moire, I am noticing some other anomalies that me be addressed with other settings, but I am unable to find them.

I notice that when scrolling, there will be a jump when the scrolling crosses from one page to the next.  I thought I remembered a mention of a setting to eliminated the spces between pages, but I cannot find it.  Am I misremembering?

Also, when I engage the annotation mode while in vertical scrolling mode, the music will jump to a different spot on the page and I have to search for the stave that I 
wanted to annotate.  Is there a way to keep this from happening?

I am still enjoying the ease that MobileSheets brings to my music-making.  Thank you again for a great app.


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