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Auto-Scroll enhancement ?
Just bought your app and look forward to enjoyable use! Great work, kudos!

I'm curious whether it is at all possible to make auto-scroll work like a "roll" of pages, i.e., as the bottom of a page is reached, the next page starts scrolling up from the bottom rather than jumping.

I ask because in landscape mode, I find there's typically two lines of music visible (piano score) ... that's great because much of what I play involves a fair amount of rubato and a page jump is not only jarring, but may actually occur too soon/late depending on how the pace is flowing at that moment.

Obviously a bluetooth pedal would solve the timing problem -- or some improvement of my memory skill! But a pedal is just one more bit of kit to carry around, and my memory? Well ... I'll work on that Shy. A scrolling method as described above would not be perfect, but I believe it would be useful to me at least.

I don't profess to know whether this is possible in terms of the programming or not, but if so, an option to scroll by jump or by, for lack of a better term, "piano roll style" would be fabulous.

Many thanks for the time and effort you've put in on this program, and for your consideration.

Victor Z

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