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Progress update on version 5.0.0
I too would like to beta. I'll have a Galaxy 12.2 soon
Thanks everyone for the offers to help. I'll start gathering testers as soon as I have something ready.

I also would test the release on my Hanspree 13" (with German translation).
Having just purchased an HP Slate 21" I can't wait to see how the new version looks (especially 2 sheets side by side. I'd be more than happy to test if required.

Tony Lawton
I'd be happy to beta test as well.
I use MobileSheets daily on a Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2.
Any update news? Anxiously awaiting ver 5.0 so I can start saving my annotated song versions as new pdfs.
I'm still working away trying to finish the last pieces. As a side note, the ability to export annotations to PDFs is not going to be included in version 5.0.0. It's planned for a follow-up update that will mainly address improvements to annotations. This target date for this is a month or so after 5.0.0 is released and stable.


question, I am both a new and happy user of the current version, having assembled >1000pdfs, most of them with mp3.
Can the whole thing be transported to version 5.0 eventually, without losing the mp3 links, the individual zoom settings, the tags (Album, Artist, etc.) and setlists? In other words, does the current backup function cover all that, and, if yes, will the 5.0 "recover backup" function be 100% compatible? I won´t change any of the paths/directories obviously.
Considering the perfect user-friendliness of the current version, I would probably just stick to it if the migration entailed loss of settings/data.
The 5.0 enhancements you mention do sound tempting though!

Thank you!

The upgrade to version 5.0 should be seamless, meaning you won't lose anything in your library. This is part of the testing I'm doing right now. Some things are different in version 5.0, such as how artists/albums/genres are handled, but your existing entries will just be converted to work with 5.0. Backups will also be compatible with 5.0 (meaning you can use older backups with 5.0). You will not be able to load version 5.0 backups in older versions of MobileSheets though.

Backwards compatibility is probably a step too far and I certainly wouldn't expect that of any software Smile .

Something I happened to notice tonight: in Companion and looking at a set list, I find I cannot order it alphabetically. I also noticed that although the option is there, you also can't order the list when printing it out or copying to the clipboard. No big deal, but I thought I should mention it.

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