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Version 5.0.0 in internal testing
Really looking forward to all the new features, as others have said make sure you enjoy your new marriage as well. If you need more beta testers I'm happy to help out
I would like to be a tester of the new beta version too. I really miss the chordpro file support. Will it be possible to edit the files and to change the look of the chordcharts like for example in the GuitarTapp App?
I am adding a number of configuration settings for text and chord pro files, such as text size/color, the color/highlight for chords, line spacing, etc. I'm not sure what settings you are looking for in particular though. This version will not include the ability to view guitar chord charts at the bottom of the screen, but I plan on adding this in a future update when possible.
I was hoping to post another update of the progress over the weekend, but I got bogged down in the huge number of small bug fixes I had to make. I'm currently trying to iron out some problems with performance while turning through pages (they actually slide quickly to show the transition which is really nice). Once that is complete, I will get some screenshots of the two page display mode and the song editor and post them here. I may play around with trying to get a video to show off some of the features, as I will need this to create the video tutorials.
I'm going to post more interesting stuff this weekend, but I did manage to get video screen captures to work. The video quality is pretty poor (I promise everything looks really crisp and sharp in the actual app), and I would need to find a way to merge audio, so I may consider other approaches, but the file size is small at least. Check out the video links below:


I apologize ahead of time for quickly advancing through so many things and for using random sheet music (with a random mp3 file associated with it). You can see the following things in the video:

The library screen at the start where I advance through different tabs, and show off the animations. I then selected a song, "American Pie", and turned through all of the pages. I then demonstrated the new positional zoom. I even zoomed out beyond 100% to shrink the page, which is something I'm going to have disabled by default I think, as most people don't need that (or want it). I then showed off the new overlay and audio player (including the a-b loop points). I also showed how the player can be made transparent if people want to have it up all the time. I then clicked through various overlay settings to show what options are available, but I didn't actually select any of the options. I returned to the library, then showed off the new multi-select features, and the different actions that are present in the action bar depending upon how many entries are selected.

I also wanted to show the new quick action bar in the second video. You can tap the bottom right of the page to bring up the quick action bar, and from there, easily start/stop the audio, start/stop the metronome, view the active setlist, toggle performance mode, and start autoscrolling. This is pretty important when performance mode is active, as there is no way to get into the overlay to activate these features otherwise. You can also long press the buttons to show their settings (long press media to show the media player, long press the metronome to show the metronome window, long press auto scrolling to show the auto scroll settings).

Thanks everyone for your continued patience! I stay up late every night trying to get things finished, but I feel it's more important for me to get it all done right than to rush it and have bugs (which I know you have all expressed, so thank you).

Looks awesome, Mike!

Keep up the good work!
Hello to everyone on this forum!

If you still need beta testers I'm also interested.

I have both Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 10.1

I work as a software architect and have helped Garth Hjelte (way many years ago) to put together his sample editor software (as a contributing beta tester). My use for MobileSheets will be as a singer in a choir and a vocal a cappella group (I'm a high tenor).

I have also dabbled with MIDI equipment and software. Whenever I have time I also try play my MIDI wind instruments (Yamaha WX11 and WX5 with VL1-m)

I also have (on Windows platform) Power Music Pro software, which seems to be on the same turf as MobileSheets. At the moment MobileSheets is way ahead, though since it has much better annotation and more innovative/intuitive UI. One important thing tilting the scale is the fact that Android platform (or actually just the Samsung Note Pro 12.2 for the moment) has the only feasible hardware for a chorist (the device has to be quiet/fanless has to have pen/digitizer support for accurate annotations and has to have big enough screen). I've been waiting for something like MobileSheets + Samsung Note Pro 12.2 for ages and now finally this dream is to become a reality. I'm so excited!!!

MobileSheets is already in its current version a superb piece of software and seems to be getting ever better. Thank you very much for making my dream come true.
Hi Mike,

I hope you had a wonderfull wedding!

Looks really great! Love seeing that you've been able to honor the request to integrate the metronome in the overlay in this version already! Great that the metronome also made it to the quick action bar!

Thanks and looking forward to the beta for the hands-on experience.


PS: And yes I do continue to agree with the quality over speed mindset! Smile
Mike, congratulations! Put me in for beta testing. I've been working on moving the default database settings to the external SD card... To no avail. I'm hoping that the new version will help. It is very convenient to take an email attachment and use the direct import feature right onto MS. (I use Genius Scan on my Galaxy 5s since the camera is much better, then mail the PDF to myself). What I found out was that all those easy imports were all sitting in an emulated external directory on the device memory . Ugh. I tried everything to change that default, even factory resetting the tab and reloading he MS library from backup. Even with that, I needed to manually move all files and then Re link all the PDF and music files again. Ugh. I've become familiar with the manual and options, so I think I can help with beta evaluation!

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