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Version 5.0.0 More Previews
(10-06-2014, 04:44 PM)Rey_a Wrote: For beta testing, not having companion is not an issue to me.
In MS (not PRO), choose Options, Utilities, backup library, and make backup locally on tablet. Import into MS Pro can then start from there.

I agree.We can be working out the kinks in beta testing while the Companion is being developed.
hello Mike may i get this beta testing too ! thank s !!
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(09-16-2014, 09:53 AM)Zuberman Wrote: Another interesting idea that I want to get people's take on is offering MobileSheets under a subscription model. I could just do something like $1 a month which would help support continued MobileSheets development and give me an avenue to release the new update as a separate product. I could take this further to offer different tiers as well. I could offer a cheaper subscription plan for people who only want the most basic features, and more expensive subscription plans for users who want all of the advanced features.


I agree with others here - NO subscription model. This same argument is being run on a few other fora I go to, with the overwhelming majority in the no camp!!

FWIW, I think charging for a full number version upgrade is fine. All minor point updates (IE sya, 4.1.0 through 4.9.9) free, but when it jumps to a new full number, then everyone should pay. And as indicated from previous comments on the thread, pretty muhc everyone has no issues with this at all.
As much as I appreciate MS please avoid a subscription model. I have paid twice and will gladly pay full price again for new versions. You could have a different title for those who prefer monthly fees. The model for iReal pro is good. I recently paid for all new styles..gladly! Since you get all money up front you might not do as well with subscription.

I would pay a premium for a chord pro editor and any form of Band In A Box compatibility. PG music is ignoring a huge market! Some form of ireal pro integration would be another possibility.
Good luck.

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There is not going to be a subscription model - don't worry. I suggested it to get the response, but it's obvious everyone hates that idea. If my livelihood depended upon the income from MobileSheets, I would probably have to get more serious about revenue generation. Right now, I'm able to just do MobileSheets on the side while still working my day job, so it's not as critical in that regard. I may lose money on new users when I release MobileSheetsPro at a discount for the first month, but I'd rather keep my existing users happy with a low cost upgrade, then make more money and upset people.

I actually think you will make more money over the next several months. You have the best product for the most popular mobile os. Money lost on new users should be made up for those of us upgrading. No one thinks the new version should be heavily discounted. Hope that increased sales more than off sets the discount. You might consider other stand alone products that support or integrate with MS.

Once again, best of luck!

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Soweit ich es verstanden haben geht es hier darum ob- und wie die Version 5.0 zu honorieren wäre.

Ich persönlich sehe in der Version 5.0 mehr als nur ein update und sollte praktisch als eigenständige App neu erworben werden. Die Updatepflege der früheren Versionen bis 4.xx sollten / könnten eingestellt werden. Die bereits erworbenen Apps bis 4.xx sollten aber zusätzlich nutzbar sein / bleiben.

Für eine stabil laufende MS 5.0 würde ich gerne einen angemessenen Preis zahlen!
Spätere Zusatzfunktionen könnten dann ja als kostenpflichtige Module angeboten werden.
Hello, first time posting and recently purchased the app. I would like to chime in on the update and whether to upgrade the current app or offer a new app and require payment again. While those who have been using the app for quite a while may be more than willing to pay again, anyone who has recently purchased it would likely not take it well. For example, if you released 5.0 at the beginning of 2015, I'd be pretty upset. Had I known, I would wait until the more improved version is released to get that.

Plus, wouldn't it be awkward to have two versions available in the Play Store? Actually, 3 or 4? Because you would have MS, MSPro, MS 5.0, and MS 5.0 Pro. If you do go that route, is there a way you can track down and contact all those who have purchased MS Pro and send them a coupon/discount code to be used? I'm not sure how the different app stores function, if they provide the developer a way in which they can contact those who have purchased their product.
I understand there is come concern about purchasing twice. That's why for the first month I'm pricing the new version at only $4, which is the difference in cost between the original version and the new version. Yes, new users who wait are going to get a steal by buying the new version for $4, but someone has to lose in order for me to offer a discounted price to existing users. In this case, I'm the one losing as I'm suffering the loss of $9 per sale (on top of Google's 30% cut). The alternative is for me to offer no discount to anyone, and anger a lot of existing users that I have already promised a discount for, or not offer the app as a new product (and instead just as an update), eliminating the possibility to use the old version in parallel, and significantly reducing any profit I will get for the new version, reducing my ability to continue supporting the app as much as I am. Or I can just make everyone mad and go with a subscription model which ensures that new users can get the upgrade for free, but will be charged something every month for access to the app.

Because of the way the app store pricing and purchasing is handled, my hands are tied. I can't charge a different price for existing users to upgrade, but full price for new users. So yes, I'm sorry you are losing out on getting the app for $4 instead of full price. If people want, I can just release the new app at full price, and offer "rebates" for existing users, where I will have to transfer money to you over something like PayPal. Then new users don't get the unfair discount and existing users can get the discount they want. I highly doubt people want to mess with this though...

As far as the play store, the existing MobileSheets product will be removed from the play store. MobileSheetsPro will be the only app available after the discount period ends.


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