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What do you play?
Newbie here. I play the autoharp and mountain dulcimer.

My wife and I play for churches and festivals but not professional by no means.

Just trying MobileSheets and really liking it.

I play upright bass in several folkdance groups,- -- International, Finnish, Scandinavian, Klezmer so far. I was carrying around several loose-leaf notebooks and loosing pages, misplacing pages,etc. I bought a 7" MID tablet for $80 and am making it work with MS. So far so good, but I had to scan using .png format for successful loading (Android 2.2 software on the tablet). More to come as I learn. Thanks Mike for a great idea!
I am a humble Tuba Player and I play in a couple of traditional Brass Bands (one of those being Salvation Army), Local Symphony Orchestra and also have assisted in local Music Theatre scene. In other words, Have Tuba and will travel.

Have a conventional EEb Sterling (4V) Tuba, EEb King (4V) Sousaphone and 2 x Besson/Boosey Bb Sousaphones.

Currently converting music into MobileSheets on an Acer Iconia A501 Tablet.
I play the keyboard for my church and a small Gospel group. My song collection has gotten out of control, and I needed a way to back it up just to have in case something ever happened. I would die if I lost my collection of songbooks, sheet music, and lead sheets!!!!

Now I am looking for a way to back up all my homeschool stuff too( that is a WHOLE other issue LOL!)
I do digital backup and archiving for a living for the county I live in, but I am just now tackling all of my own records and such. I will be working on these projects for quite a while!
I play keyboard (I have a Yamaha P-250 stage piano, which replaced my trusty Fender Rhodes of many many years...) and I have dabbled with guitar and a Yamaha WX7 wind controller. However, my current use of MusicSheets is in my church choir, where I sing tenor.
I'm a woodwind specialist, getting my doctorate in Oboe performance with a cognate in multiple woodwind performance. So..the list is...
Flute, Piccolo, Oboe, English horn, Clarinet (Eb, Bb, A and Alto), Bassoon, Saxophone (Sop. Alto and Tenor), and Alto and Soprano recorders. Oddly enough, I also play Violin/Viola a lot in chamber music.
I play the mountain dulcimer, ukelele, and piano. I belong to the Lagniappe Dulcimer Society and we jam weekly and play gigs at churches, retirement homes, and anywhere anyone asks us to play! You have to put a time limit on us because we will play for ever. There are four of us dulcimer gals who play the uke. We are the Ukeladys. We are not good enough (yet) to go gigs!
Another newbie (to digital music). I'm a flutist.
Electric guitar in a mostly Rock'n Roll band. Got the idea to use a tablet from our bassist (who plays professionally in one of Austria's top country&western bands), who uses a similar app on his iPad.
I'm more comfortable with Android.
Guitar goes into Line6 Pod xt and into the mixer, I hear my guitar sound over the monitor.

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