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I have a PDF with several pieces in (minuet, allegro etc.) I imported the complete PDF as one song (about 15 pages), then made bookmarks for each piece. When I touch the song's title I get the front page (this is ok) then I need bookmarks to appear.
I use the Quick Action bar with the Bookmarks action, touch bookmarks, touch the piece, dismiss bookmarks.
Is there a quicker way?
I will be adding more similar PDFs, so will have many allegro, minuet, gigue pieces (etc) so do not think the Bookmarks tab window will be very helpful. I am happy with opening the PDF itself then using bookmarks listing for this PDF.
What would be better is the Songs' Editor having a box to check, where it automatically opens this PDF with the bookmarks window open so I can choose the piece instantly, then when I touch it, the bookmarks window disappears (since I no longer need it open) and the correct page appears.

I do not want to add metadata to run filters because this would take too long to set up and would mean several filters to find the piece. Tapping on the Title from Collections then the pieces bookmark would be quick.

Any suggestions otherwise?
My suggestion would be this:

Go into Settings->Library Settings->Tab Order, and select the bookmarks tab.

The bookmarks tab shows you every bookmark in every song. You can just tap the bookmark you want to load here, which would take you right to the position you want in the song. If this is not fast enough, or you don't like this approach, I can certainly look into making the bookmark display at song load, but dismiss after the first tap if you enable some kind of new setting.

I tried that, but from my quick tests, it looks like I would end up with 20 to 30 minuets for instance because they would all list. Same for multiple Allegro, Gigue etc. So I would be swiping down and down for a long time once all the pieces are in. This is why I need to go to that publication first, then search (just) its bookmarks.

I know I can run filters, but this is more tapping that just opening the publication I need first. And it is similar to how I do it with a printed album, I get it, open it to its TOC and go to the page.
Also once I have tapped on a bookmark, I do not need the bookmark window anymore, so if there was an option to have it disappear after it has been used that would be quicker.
Thanks for your reply.
I don't think I want to overload the bookmarks window to accomplish this goal, because I think that could lead to a confusing state with that window. With this feature, I think it would probably be best to pop up a dialog with the list of all available bookmarks in the song. If you select a bookmark or tap outside this dialog, it would instantly dismiss it. I would then just add a new setting on the settings screen such as "Select Bookmark on Song Load".

(04-20-2015, 03:40 PM)Zuberman Wrote: I would then just add a new setting on the settings screen such as "Select Bookmark on Song Load".

Yes this would work for me, but not sure it would be required to automatically show with every song with bookmarks, just some (I was thinking), so that was the check box idea in the song editor.
Perhaps others might comment on this before you code anything.

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