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Companion Batch Import Auto-crop: aggressively not possible
(05-25-2015, 06:16 PM)Zuberman Wrote: Hello Peter,

The auto-cropping algorithm is a setting that is shared by everything in the application. If you select aggressive cropping in one spot, such as the song editor, the batch import will use that algorithm for cropping as well.


Hi Mike,

thanks for answering.

That was my expectation too, I already selected aggressively in the song editor.

Just tried again, Companion Version 2.1.0:

Opening Song Editor, Settings; "Auto-Crop Imported Files" and "Aggressively Crop" is selected

Doing File - Batch Import; "Automatically Crop Pages" is selected; Ok

After Import: open Song Editor for one of the just imported files; Tab "Files"; Page ist not cropped (or not aggressively, maybe); Push Button "Auto-Crop" - Viol√°, Page gets cropped (aggressively).

What am I missing?


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