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Sheetmusic writing app
Windows 8 related—Staffpad app for notation
(03-06-2015, 10:19 AM)isa4031 Wrote: I've just started using the MuseScore app for android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...lite&hl=en) and windows (http://musescore.org/en).  
Not fully discovered all the features and would love to hear any comments.
I've used MuseScore for Windows for several years and am really happy with it.  Windows is completely free- open source.  The Android app is like $5. 
Like all notation applications I've used it took me a while to get the hang of the user interface but I think it's the best of the several I've used, including most recently Finale PrintMusic.  It seems to have substantially all the functionality of the big scorewriters (Finale + Sibelius) and of course the huge advantage of being open source + free.

They've just come out with a major version upgrade from 1.3 (I believe) to 2.0.  2.0 is a big step forward - I haven't yet upgraded, but I used a beta of V2 for a while and was pretty pleased with what I saw.

I think the Android app has huge potential, but it seems to me to be relatively low on the maturity curve.  You can't write a score on the Android app- it will play the score, but to me the HUGE advantage is that you can transpose a score live on the fly in MuseScore on Android.  The current version renders it pretty roughly, but as it gets better, this is a game-changer in a jam situation (jazz, folk, etc) when somebody calls a song I sort of know and have on the tab, but they call it in Ab instead of F, or whatever.
I started using Finale Print Music. About a year ago they offered a low-cost upgrade to the full Finale, and I did it. That was a MAJOR improvement. But the big surprise is how well it does importing music from TIFF files (which I get from PDFs via the Mac's Preview app). As I often want to collapse a 4-staff choral part into two staves so I can play it better, this is a big win.

Finale prints directly to PDF, which I load into MobileSheets.
Update on MuseScore 2.0 and accompanying MuseScore Songbook for Android:

I've been using MuseScore 2.0 for a month or 2 now and I'm very happy with it indeed.  It seems to me that this open-source project is really matured beautifully with this version.  It behaves very well on Windows XP, the user interface is both flexible and pretty easy for me to understand, and renders beautiful scores to PDF which I load into MobileSheets.

For me the BIG upside to the Musescore + Songbook combo is that, on the tablet, Songbook can transpose the piece into different keys on the fly,  on the tablet.  You load the MuseScore *.mscz files onto the tablet, and import them into Songbook's library.  Songbook renders the Musescore 2 files beautifully, and transposing is a snap, accurate, and rendered very nicely.  For the jam session / improvisational environment in which I often play, this is a big win.

Songbook lacks the library functions of Mobilesheets- collections, setlists, metadata; and lacks things like annotations, cropping, file+ page ordering flexibility etc etc etc.  But the ability to transpose on the tablet is huge for me.  In many cases I've put a song into Mobilesheets in 3 or 4 different keys and Songbook makes that unnecessary and provides unlimited transposition flexibility.

I also keep an old copy of PrintMusic around that has SmartScore, the TIFF music notation recognition ability built into it.  My old version is very useful but somewhat error-prone.  I'm sure today's version is much less error-prone + I'd like to upgrade for that better performance, but not so much as to put $85 into it, as least not yet. Maybe when I finally replace the XP machine.

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