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Win 10 update
Win 10 is set to release the end of July. Any comments on how this will affect MSPro companion? I'm hesitant to put it on my computer, which has my only copy of MSPro. Any thoughts, advice, etc?
In theory, it should have no impact, but until I can actually test it myself, I won't be able to say for certain.
As a matter of principal, I wouldn't install Win10 the moment it appears - even if it is free!! I'm quite happy to let others sit on the bleeding edge of OS technology and tell me what went wrong, rather than find out for myself. You can be certain there will be users who will jump straight in, both feet first, just to be able to say they are running Win10. I say good luck to them, but don't expect me to take the risk of breaking something that has taken me ages to get working the way I want Smile .

I doubt Companion would be affected, but with any OS upgrade, there always seems to be a lag before the drivers for legacy hardware appears - sometimes it never does.

As a case in point, see other posts here about the Samsung upgrade of Android causing the Bluetooth capability to fall over.

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Thank you both. I'll put it on another computer until we know how it will affect MSPro.

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