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MobilsSheets Pro DISASTER - cannot load pdf-s
I have just started using MobileSheets Pro (few weeks between concerts so it's safe to try something new). About says Version 1.1.8 from Google Play. I have been using the original MonbileSheets for over a year, and think it's great.

I have a 116-page PDF "Hanon The Virtuoso Pianist". I believe I downloaded it from the IMSLP Petrucci website. My copy is here:

In the original MS it loaded OK, with the first few page turns getting the "Waiting" icon for a few seconds (the first two pages are text I skip through immediately), but after taking the time to play the first page of music, successive pages display immediately.

In MS pro the first 7 pages loaded similarly, but page 8 has not loaded in several minutes of waiting. I can page back to page 7, but page 8 is just not coming. I can even page forward to page 9 and beyond, but page 8 is just not coming. Further in, some pages get the Waiting icon for a few seconds, and the waits seem longer than in the original MS (I never had waits this far in).

I have a 5-page PDF "Lange Flower Song", which I scanned myself. In the original MS it displays just fine, without waits.
The 3rd and 4th pages display all white (not even a Waiting icon).

A random selection of about ten songs (out of 1073), shows that every one displays Waiting for a 1/2-second or so before the first page. Sometimes the last page of the previous song is displayed briefly. I seem to have had bad luck in my first two choices. But if I go back to them they still have the same problems.

This is MUCH worse than the original MS. I cannot use MobileSheets Pro until this is fixed. If the first two songs I tried failed so badly, how can anybody use it?

FYI I loaded MS Pro via the PC companion, not via a backup from the original MS. I used the same PC directories from which I loaded MS original.

This is a Hannspree 13.1" tablet. I have two, but only installed MS Pro on one of them. (I am a professional software developer and am paranoid when it comes to computer reliability.)

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