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Storage space used per imported page.
Well, I thought I had this figured out with your help (THANKS Mike!), but not so much due to Android limitations.

The first (of three) tablet I started making changes on can't/won't write to the SD card (Android 4.4.2), so I can't move MobileSheets' database to the card.
Of course I can write to the card when the tablet is connected to my PC.
My experimentation seems to suggest that if I delete a song previously imported from Google Drive, and instead import the same file from local storage on the SD card (selecting 'create new from existing'), a new file/folder IS NOT created in the 'Internal storage\Android\data\com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro\files' database.

This is good in that the duplicate .pdf files can be eliminated.
And also, precious system memory could be freed.
It would mean resetting all metadata (artist, collection, genre) for many hundreds of files.

My main concern would be about the possible impact on my current method of synchronizing my three tablets.
So far I have used the 'brute force' method of back-up on one tablet, and restore to the others.
Would 'tablet B' be able to deal with a backup from 'tablet A' that points to a file on 'tablet A's' SD card?
'Tablet B' would have the same file on it's SD card, with a similar (if not identical) pathway.

While I could accept the elimination of the files on the SD card, it's irritating to be 'forced' to use system memory instead of that big SD card I bought.
I could be wrong, it happened once before.

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