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Annotate songs specific to setlists
Haha, thanks Graeme. I only wish I could introduce the new features faster.
New features seem to come out on a regular enough basis. If they are added very quickly, it does mean that users of the app can get overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of the changes and never really get to undestand them.

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The setlist annotations are great--doing exactly what I want!

I think there's a bug, though, and/or I don't understand how it's supposed to work:
If I have a song with song notes, and display the song from within a setlist, I get the note box displaying, but it's blank and doesn't show the note.

Also, if I have both song notes and set notes, what is supposed to happen? I would think, if I choose the song from the song list, I'd get only the song note, but not the set notes. If I choose the song from withing the set, I'd like to get both (I think I'm only getting the set notes). My logic is: song notes always apply, so shouldn't be hidden just because I'm using the song in a setlist. Is this possible?

Also, it would be really helpful to be able to:
Change the font size of the notes (both song and set): they're too small for my aging eyes to see from the distance I set up my tablet on stage. Similar to the way you can control annotations would be nice.

It would also be great to have the option of copying setlist notes when copying a setlist. I often have setlists that are mostly the same, but swapping out a few songs. When it's for the same band, the setlist notes probably won't change.
Song notes and setlist notes are intentionally kept separate so that you can display something different when a song is loaded versus the setlist being loaded (I think that behavior was explicitly requested). Joining together both sets of notes is something that I wouldn't want to do by default. If people think it's useful to have the behavior FiddlerJeanne described, I can add a setting to control whether the song notes are shown combined with the setlist notes.

A font size setting is coming in the next update - I just finished implementing it.

I can look into adding an option to copy the song notes. I'll have to modify the dialog used for naming the copied setlist so it has a checkbox at the bottom for determining if notes are copied.

I too have allways felt the need for beeing able to dispay Song notes and Setlist notes together.
Some text is related to the song - whatever the setlist it is on, and other text is setlist related. Currently I need to copy the song related text in all setlist texts and when something needs to be changed, there are several to change. Not ideal.

I am not in favor of copying text from one setlist to another in case the use (band/instrument/....) are the same, as this makes it more difficult to maintain the texts in the future. If something changes, one has to update in multiple places...

Instead I would prefer addition of another level of song texts
- song level
- use level (new concept in MSPro - name is just suggestion) Could mean different band, different instrument . . ..
- setlist level
Optionally all should be displayed together.

Then when playing songs, the "use" should easily be selectable and be remembered by MSPro for the rest of the session. Resulting in the "use" part of songtext also to be displayed (as wel a song level and setlist level text) during whatever is played. Even when swithing a setlist
it would also be nice to have the current "use" displayed in the text window

Just an idea . .. .

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I like Rudy's idea of song, use and setlist level notes--with the option of displaying any or all. The use level would eliminate the primary reason for wanting to copy setlist notes when copying a setlist.

However, leaving aside the "use" level for now, I understand and like the difference between song and setlist notes. I'm asking for the option to display (not combine) either or both when you're in a setlist. It would be nice if there were a setlist level option to display both song and setlist notes, display only setlist notes, etc. for the whole setlist in addition to the current checkbox on each song. Of course, if I'm displaying the song outside a setlist, it should only be the song notes.

In any case, I would like the option to copy setlist notes, or not, when copying a setlist. I often use an existing setlist as the basis of a new one. If most of the notes would be the same, I'd copy them with the setlist, then edit for the differences. The way I use them, I wouldn't have to go back and make changes in another list.

And while I'm asking, if possible, it would be really nice to be able to convert a setlist note into a song note (or use note) if that works out. I find I'm creating setlist notes and then deciding they really apply to the song (or to a band). Something like when you share a setlist, you include all the annotations or not.

Thanks for considering! (and thanks for the font change in the notes).

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