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MobileSheetsPro 1.4.6 and MobileSheetsPro Companion 2.3.6
I just released version 1.4.6 of MobileSheetsPro and version 2.3.6 of MobileSheetsPro Companion. Included in these changes is support for sharing setlists as a list of songs (without files or additional data). This makes it incredibly easy to share setlists between two devices that have the same songs in their library.  This can be found under Share->Share song list and Share->Export song list. It should be noted that not all of the translations have been updated yet, so some languages may result in the share menu being partially in English. This will be fixed in a following update once I receive updates from translators. See the full list of changes below:

MobileSheetsPro v1.4.6
  • Added support for sharing setlists as a list of songs with no other data
  • Fixed issue with audio file titles always containing artist. The artist can now be correctly toggled off for files imported after this update.
  • Added additional options to the msf export to control what data is included in the file
  • Fixed layout issue when viewing groups with the left hand alphabet list option enabled
  • Added apply all checkbox to the import song conflict dialog to simplify handling large numbers of conflicts
  • MobileSheetsPro will now release non-critical documents when memory gets low (documents not in use by any song being displayed)
  • Fixed issue with commented out lines in chord pro files being processed if they contained certain keywords like Title:
  • Fixed issue with the settings screen headers (on the left side) being difficult to read on some devices
  • Fixed issue with the repeat mode when the navigation bar is hidden
  • Fixed issue with vertical display mode where some pages would not render if page turn animations are disabled
  • Fixed issue with sharing files to gmail
  • Fixed a large number of reported crashes
MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.3.6
  • Added support for importing .msf and .mss files through both drag and drop and the import menu.
  • Updated the database to support the addition of artist as a separate field for audio files
Thanks Mike - MSP is ever-growing Smile .

I'll start playing around with this version after the weekend, as I can't afford a crash if something goes awry on a gig.

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