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Next song not shown from the top, when...
How many paper books have you read that scroll vertically? Smile Your description is definitely how it works in all the other page display modes. Regardless, I think you'll be happy with the way things work after the next update.
The days of the papyrus scripts (vertical scrolling) were before our times and their successors, p a p e r b o o k s, indeed never offered that scrolling feature. Not that I missed it...
Well, MSP offers both the ancient Egyptian AND the somewhat more recent Gutenberg way of reading!
Manual page turns (Gutenberg style) should always lead to the next page being shown from the top. This is working nicely already except for the described scenario, when the Egyptian style (vertical scrolling via AUTOSCROLL) was in use before AND the title bar is displayed. In that combination, manual page turns don't work properly anymore, leading me to not activate autoscroll which is a pity.
Manual vertical scrolling doesn't cause any issue, it doesn't "confuse" the manual page turns (manual page turn: hit the footswitch or touch the screen on the right side, to get to the next full page). It's the combination of AUTOSCROLL and TITLE BAR that leads to the issue. Without the title bar we wouldn't have this post!

I think that vertical scrolling is perfect as is, not sure I want any changes there. One song, no matter whether part of a setlist or not, is one single performance unit, I wouldn't want to combine it with the next performance unit by scrolling into that next one. If you leave us the option to keep the current workflow I am happy.

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