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MobileSheetsPro 1.5.4 and MobileSheetsPro Companion 2.4.0 Released
I'm happy to announce the release of MobileSheetsPro v1.5.4 and MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.4.0. While the changes are mostly bug fixes and enhancements to page turning with the vertical scrolling display mode, I also added the ability to configure the text size and alignment of song and setlist notes. The full changes are listed below. Barring any major defects, the next update will not be as quick so that I can incorporate some large changes that require translations such as the ability to configure display settings per song, and some other requests from users.

MobileSheetsPro v1.5.4
  • Increased default size of song/setlist notes and added text size and alignment settings on the notes dialog
  • Fixed various issues with page turning the vertical scrolling display mode
  • The last page in a song or setlist can now be scrolled to the top of the screen in the vertical scrolling display mode
  • Scrolling with a pedal now accounts for the gap between pages in the vertical scrolling display mode
  • Reduced priority for MIDI connections to lower UI impact/slowdown
  • CSV parsing now correctly accounts for skipping invalid columns
  • The annotations editor will no longer partially hide the top of a page if the Center Pages setting is enabled
  • Slightly increased the size of the nudge arrows in the annotations editor
  • Fixed issue with the speed rendering setting that could cause some fonts to not show up

MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.4.0
  • Added support for new text size and alignment settings on the edit notes dialog
  • If duplicate files are detected during import, the companion now prompts to swap in a file or create a new song
  • Fixed timestamps to use UTC everywhere, but display in local time

Thank you Mike! Not showing in Amazon yet. Probably an Amazon "thing". Patience...
(06-20-2016, 10:32 AM)Zuberman Wrote: [*]Scrolling with a pedal now accounts for the gap between pages in the vertical scrolling display mode

Almost... The scroll seems 1 pixel too short. After a number of pages the top pixel line of the next page appears at the bottom, two pedal taps (of 50% each) later it has grown to two pixels, etc.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N8010) 10.1", Android 7.1.2 (LineageOS), AirTurn Duo & Digit.
Asus Zenpad (Z300M) 10.1", Android 7.0 (backup).
Samsung A3 (A320FL), Android 8.0 (emergency).
Anyone got an idea why the version update is not shown in the Amazon App? (Android 5.0.2)
This happened before, and only deinstalling MSP helped, as per Mike's suggestion.
The next release was fine, but 1.5.4 is again not showing.
Wouldn't want to make this a habit (backup library, de-install, install, restore library).
To get 1.5.4 from Amazon (in the absence of the expected update option), I backed up the library in v 1.5.3.
The resulting .msb file is 6.7gb, much less than the usual 10.5gb!!! MP3s are included.
I get an error when trying to view the backup in the Companion, possibly because I have installed the newest Companion.
It's too risky now to clear the library resp. de-install MSP, as a prerequisite to fetch 1.5.4 from Amazon.

Mike, any idea why the 10.5gb database is now 6.7gb only?
Some data must have been lost during the 1.5.3 backup notwithstanding the success message.
And why can't I simply update 1.5.4 from Amazon?
I can see that 1.5.4 is there, only no update is offered.
Assuming you created the .msb file wth the previous version of the companion application (that was still compatible with version 1.5.3), I'm not sure why the backup would be so much smaller. If you go to Settings->Other Settings->Find missing files, do you see anything suspect in there?

As for updating from Amazon, I have absolutely no insight into how they determine what user is allowed to download updates. I wish we could switch you over to Google Play. Is there a reason you need to stick with the Amazon version?
Thanks Mike, I created the .msb file without the companion, directly on the tablet.
I then copied the file to the PC and tried to view it with the companion.
The message: "Error opening backup file. Unable to view song data"

MSP: "no files missing in the library".

Amazon update: wonder whether other users experience the same delay or no-show.
The 1.5.4 version is there, I see that, but no option to update offered.
I don't need or want to stick with Amazon, it was a random choice at the time.
If you send me an email at mike@zubersoft.com, I can get you switched over to Google Play. You would have to install that version separately though, which means you'd need a valid library backup to restore your library. How much space do you have free on the device? I just want to make sure there was enough room to generate the backup file. It's definitely a bad sign that the companion app can't open the backup file. I'll have to generate a backup with the latest version to verify that there are no issues with extraction dialog.
Mike, several new backup attempts resulted in files of 10.3gb each, this looks realistic even though previous backups were 10.8gb and I had deleted only a few songs in the meantime.
Before doing the backup the space on the tablet is 12.3gb, so this should be fine.
Companion (latest version) can't view ANY of the backups, incl. older ones from a month ago.
Needless to say it can't connect with MSP on account of the different versions.

I'll have to stick with 1.5.3 until I know that the backup can be restored successfully.
Unfortunately I don't have a second tablet to try this out. Probably my next purchase (postponed really, as I just got me a lovely 12 fret Taylor).
I'll try the backup restore on my buddy's tablet next time I see him early July.
Thanks for your offer with the getaway from Amazon, I'll gladly come back to that when the migration is secured with a reliable backup file.
Today, after 3 weeks, the 1.5.4 update was finally shown on amazon.
The version fixed the issues that I had with scrolling, and page turn backwards works again, the latter seemed to have been a funny bug in 1.5.3 only.

There is still a minimal misalignment of the page at the top in a certain situation, a small black bar is visible between title bar and the document.
It (only) happens when autoscroll was stopped and then manual page turns are done. This establishes the black space which, interestingly, disappears with page turns backwards, only to re-appear with forward page turns.
It doesn't bug me as the side ratio of the Samsung P900 provides enough space vertically.
Thanks Mike for the fixes!

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