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Page order toggle
Hello.  I have found, when singing excerpts from a large score, that while the Page Order feature is excellent to skip the pages I don't need, on occasion it would be useful to be able to see the entire document, so a tick box next to the Page Order field, to enable or disable this without losing the numbers you have entered, would be very useful.
While adding the code necessary to basically reset the page order to "1-N" where N is the number of pages in the document is easy enough, just adding a toggle that turns on or off the page order is not that simple. I store a lot of information in the database that depends upon that page ordering. If you've done things like create link points on page 15 of a file that is only actually 12 pages (but is now larger due to a custom page order), and you toggle off page ordering, that link point is now in the void and is invalid. While I could add tons of code to try to ignore all of the scenarios where invalid pages are specified for bookmarks, link points, annotations, etc, it gets particularly nasty when things are linked to pages that do exist both in the custom page order and default page order. If the custom page order has something like, "1-3,1-3,1-3", and the default is "1-12", and annotations are on page 4 of the song, my code can't easily know that those annotations were only meant for a repeat of page 1 , and not page 4 of the default page order when page order is disabled.

I think adding this kind of toggle is not really an option for the way my application is designed. If you want a "reset to default" button on the page order dialog, I could add that, but be aware that any time you change the page order like that, I am rerouting all of the annotations/link points/bookmarks, etc that are linked to any of the pages in that page order. It's not a lightweight operation, and is destructive, meaning if you reset the page order, you can't just undo the resulting changes when you change the page order back to what it was before. This mainly applies to cases where pages are repeated.

Thanks - I see how that would be far from simple!

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