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Numbering in Setlist
In edit mode, setlists have an additional (first) column that shows the sequence number.
I think this column would be useful in the regular setlist view as well. 
Three applications I have in mind:

When editing long setlists, I "toggle" between edit mode (add/remove/reposition the songs), and regular view (check whether a song truly fits in that position, looking at the details of the neighboring songs as well). The sequence # in the regular view would accelerate the process of giving each song its proper position. 

When you rehearse a setlist with others, everyone finds the song back quickly if you can just say, "go to 22". 

I missed the sequence # in this super-long-sing-long session recently when people browsed through the super-long-sing-along setlist and requested songs. Sure, a setlist can be sorted alphabetically, and I probably should have set it to that for that specific session, but then you lose the carefully chosen grouping of songs within the setlist.

Would this be possible without major efforts, Mike?


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