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Filtering, suggestion

as far as I know the library's floating toolbar is the only "place" where the filter fields can be toggled off/on.
I prefer to always hide the floating toolbar but that makes the use of filters tedious. First go to settings, show floating toolbar, and then hit the icon on the floating toolbar to see the filter fields. And reverse when the fields should make room for the list of songs again.
A filter switch in the blue menu would be cool! Similar to the airplane mode switch in an e-reader or smartphone. When set to "On" the filter area is shown; two modes for "Off" (in both cases the filter area is not shown): greyish switch when no filters are activated, different color (orange?) when filters are active.
In this context: filters are released whenever a song is opened, which I think is too soon. Any chance to keep the filter selection longer, perhaps until you either clear it with the x icon, or upon closing MSP?


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