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Tell other what device do you use :-)
I was wondering what do other Win10 users run their MS on. It seems there are few Surface Pro 4 users, I saw one Lenovo Yoga user, but what about others, is here anyone using it on non-touch device? And how do you use MS - only via touch, with keyboard, mouse, pen, touchpad?

I use it mainly on Surface Pro 4, at home with keyboard, mouse (sometimes touchpad), usually I add all new songs at home, put them into collections, setlist and so on, and also do most of the annotations (sometimes using Surface Pen); during gigs via touch in tablet mode without nothing previously mentioned but pen for annotations.

My second tablet (Thinkpad 8) serves only as backup for gigs, so there I use only touch (but if I need I can connect keyboard and mouse to it, too).

Tablets: Surface Pro 4, ThinkPad 8; Mobile: Lumia 930
Other: USB foot-pedal or Strich BT-FP2, USB-MIDI connection to Kurzweil Forte 7 and Alesis Vortex Wireless
I use MS on a Dell Inspiron "convertible" laptop, passive 17,3" touchscreen, bare fingers and AirTurn Ped!
MobileSheetsPro 2.0.2 (W10)
AirTurn DUO (BT-106)
Dell Inspiron 17-7778
I use Chuwi Hi13 and AirTurn ped.
I'm using an ASUS Transformer 3 T305CA with Windows 10 Pro and so far do really like it.
This is the deal.  I now have 3 of them (still have to load up the third).  The other two are working great.


I now have 3 of them (still have to load up the third).  The other two are working great.


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