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MobileSheetsPro 1.7.3 Released
MobileSheetsPro v1.7.3 has been released to fix a number of bugs, most particularly a bug that caused the printing feature to stop working. I also made a few minor modifications based upon user feedback. The full list of changes can be seen below:

- Fixed error that prevented access to the printing feature
- The master tablet will now send scroll pedal actions and automatic scrolling events to connected slave devices
- Slave devices will now load a song that matches only on title if a song with a matching file can't be found
- Fixed bug where editing a loaded song would reposition the last viewed list
- Generate song list can now be used with any group type (instead of just setlists)
- Added additional formatting options to the song title and generate song list format dialogs
- If a text or chord pro file is imported without any chords in it, no keys will be added to the song's metadata
- Fixed bug where only the first song would be cropped when importing multiple songs from a CSV file
- Fixed bug where groups wouldn't be listed after disconnecting from a master device
- Added arrow symbols to the insertion dropdown on the text annotation window
- If the audio player is set to repeat the current track and it ends, it will only start playing it if "automatically play next track" is enabled
- The connect devices dialog is now visible on smaller devices
- The midi tab can now be scrolled on smaller devices
- Fixed bug where file indices would become incorrect after modifying the page order of a file in a song with multiple files

My next focus is to release an update for Windows 10 fixing a number of issues and adding the same "Connect Devices" feature as found in the Android version.

Moving the discussion of master/slave functionality here, since this is the newer version with updates.

I just tried the Bluetooth connection type, with mostly good results.
Once I loaded a setlist on the master device, the same setlist loaded on the slave.
Scrolling didn't work, but I was able to page forward and backward as well as move to the next song in the setlist using my Bluetooth keyboard/pedal setup.

I cancelled the Bluetooth connection, and switched to WIFI.

Loading a setlist on the master brought up the same setlist on the slave, as before.
I was able to page forward and backward, as well as go to the next song in the setlist, again using my Bluetooth keyboard/pedal setup.
Scrolling worked on the slave just the same as on the master device!!

MASSIVE! (awesome)
I could be wrong, it happened once before.
You are correct - scrolling is not working with bluetooth. I have found the bugs and have fixed them. I probably won't be able to release an update for this until next weekend, so for now, people will have to use wifi if they need support for sending pedal actions or automatic scrolling events from the master device.
Just to clarify, only scrolling is not working for me.
Page forward, backward and next song work just swell.

Impossible to complain about such a minor issue.
I could be wrong, it happened once before.
There are a few other bugs I'd like to fix, so I may actually try to release a minor update tonight.

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